Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2006 Mason County Fair, July 28, 29 & 30

For my second year playing this event, I had much more material than would fit into 6 total hours of stage time in 5 sets. So I made a point of not repeating any song, except for my own composition, "Onion Rings Incidental Music," which I wrote specifically for the Fair, and performed Saturday and Sunday.

I would include my songlists here, but it is just too long now. I played unaccompanied cello solos encompassing over 500 years of music, including classical,
jazz standards, pop covers and swing tunes from every decade, as well as half a dozen original compositions of my own. I have been doing a lot of arranging lately also. I had a great time, turnout was good, and I really do like that Concession Stage at the Fair.

I would like to thank Debby Baker, Fairgrounds Director, for hiring me to perform. Also, thank you to Mark for your outstanding work doing the sound. To everyone who came to hear me play, thank you for coming and also for giving me such positive feedback and encouragement; it is because of all the listeners, for all the music lovers in my life, that I play cello in the first place. Thank you all.