Thursday, February 17, 2005

Xinh's Valentine's Day Gig

After a week of rehearsing three hours of music a day, Monday came. I went to work as normal (I am not quitting my day job) then put on my tuxedo with my red bow tie (I also have a black one and a blue one), grabbed my cello, music stand and music folder, walked over and set up. I started playing at 4:57 by my watch. I played for about an hour, took a five minute break, played for another hour and took a half-hour dinner break. Xinh's salmon is absolutely the best I've ever eaten; unlike anything I have ever eaten, it actually caused me to cry it was so good. I played for another hour, took five, and then played until about 9:22, when most of the couples had finished.

All of the feedback coming back to me about my Valentine's program is very positive, everyone enjoyed my playing. I could get used to this. Xinh and her staff seem to be as pleased with my performance as I was with her salmon, and that's saying a lot. Personally, I thought I sounded pretty good that night. Not perfect mind you--I made my share of mistakes. But I just kept on going. I am my own worst critic, and I know the areas that I need to work on.