Sunday, January 29, 2012

Peninsula Youth Orchestra

Saw PYO's Winter Concert today up at Gig Harbor this afternoon and I was impressed.

They have four different groups and each was better than the one before. Every group had a performance skill level that seemed beyond what you would expect for each group of kids. I'm not kidding, the beginners sounded like 2nd-years, the 2nd year group sounded like Jr. High, the Jr. High kids sounded like high school students, and the high school group sounded like a college orchestra.

I would recommend Peninsula Youth Orchestra to the parents and families of my students who are looking for a youth orchestra. In fact, I saw a few of them there today! Even though it's a bit longer drive, most likely my daughter will be joining soon.

The Peninsula High School Auditorium is pretty large and it was almost at capacity. Yes the concert was free, but it was of a quality that draws people from the community in, not just the parents.

Here's a link: