Saturday, May 21, 2005

Aleiha (Tobey) & Michael Dennis Wedding, May 14, 2005

The little Allyn Historic Chapel was the perfect setting for an intimate wedding, and I was delighted with how wonderfully my Bach cello solos filled the chapel with beautiful music from my corner up front as everyone came in and sat down, starting at about 12:30. Pastor Terry Oliver of the New Community Church of Union did an excellent job and I felt the ceremony was inspirational without being too long. The photographer, Amber Williamson of Sunlight Photography, took lots of pictures from every possible angle and I am sure they are going to be absolutely beautiful. It was a simple, short ceremony led by the pastor from the Community Church of Union. After the beautiful young bride and handsome groom kissed, I played them out with the ever-present Wedding March, then the Trumpet Voluntary as everyone headed out to the reception.

For the reception at the Victor Community Hall, I played my non-classical program from the small, well-lit stage. A girl about my daughter's age who I think was a niece of the bride danced on the stage as I played everything from The Beatles to Phil Collins' music from Tarzan, and the dancing just delighted me, because my daughter does the same thing. It did come as a pleasant surprise to me to see a few of people I know at the reception, and we had a nice visit when I took my break and enjoyed some of the wonderful food (I especially liked the chips and fresh guacamole). Gilbert and Howard and Angela told me they had been playing "name that tune" as they listened to my cello solos. A wonderful lady told me she enjoyed my version of Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue and had not expected to hear music from that long ago. I took another short break for the wedding toast, then played until about 4 pm.