Saturday, May 21, 2005

Robin Hood Gig, Mother's Day '05

The Robin Hood Restaurant is a wonderful place in Union, Washington on Hood Canal. Not only did I enjoy performing there, I was impressed by the friendly staff, the beauty of the restaurant and its setting, and of course, the excellent food. For Mother's Day, I played from 11am-2pm, with the first half of the time in the restaurant and the rest in the pub area, so that I could be where the people were for their breakfast and lunch buffets. I alternated my program between classical and contemporary throughout, and everyone enjoyed it very much. I would like to thank Kerry for having me perform, and Chet London for his wonderful compliments on my unaccompanied solo cello performance. You may be familiar with Chet London's Special Delivery jazz, featuring Lucy Mitchell on vocal and keyboards, with Mr. London on trumpet. I have heard him perform, and also met with him and spoken with him a few times. He has been a professional musician for a long time, and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I certainly look forward to playing at the Robin Hood again soon.