Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bruce Sloan Memorial

I would like to thank Bill of McComb Funeral Home of Shelton, WA for reminding an old aquaintance of mine, Bill Sloan, that I am available to play cello solos at memorial services. Thank you to both Bills. As is typically the case with memorial performances, it is not possible to have a lot of preparation time prior to the service; in this case the family was making requests on Wednesday and Thursday for the service that Saturday, and I told them I would do what I could.

As it turned out in my case, two days was enough time. I was to locate, practice and perform the requested Schumann, Jacques Brel's Timid Frieda, and lead the gathering at Hope Chapel in The Skye Boat Song February 10, 2007. I would like to thank my wife for her help. The service was beautiful, and I'm happy to hear that my music was an important part of that beauty.

I would like to offer my thanks and condolences to the Bruce Sloan family.

--Dave Pierik