Sunday, December 25, 2005

Friends of the Hoodsport Library, December 13

I would like to thank the Hoodsport Friends of the Timberland Library, and especially Joan Lines, for having me play my Christmas cello program for their group. Using the flexibility of hours I enjoy with my day job as an ad guy at the Shelton-Mason County Journal, an hour on a Tuesday afternoon proved to be workable, though I didn't allow enough travel time to the Hoodsport Library, and nearly made myself late, but made it just in time.

I played several songs from my Christmas program, and with some encouragement I played one of the Nutcracker pieces I had recently added. It is a challenging number, and though I didn't play it perfectly, the group really seemed to enjoy this, and a couple of other works in progress I played. I felt comfortable playing for the Friends, and answered a number of questions about myself, my cello, and my compositions. At the request of the group, I premiered my newest piece, "Forgotten Heart," which was well-received. When the program ended, I felt great, and wished I could have stayed longer.

As everyone filed out after the program, we talked more as I put my cello away, and took some pictures. I loaded up a plate of cookies and headed back to Shelton with plenty of afternoon to go, and a happy feeling in my gut that I don't think had anything to do with the cookies--just the kindness of this wonderful group. Thank you everyone.